About us

We are the DistCoTech

Who we are is what we do

We are Distributed Computing Technologies. We are your partner, with years of experience in getting you the most productive software product development staff in our development centers in Prague and elsewhere. We don't do technology for the sake of technology: we understand it is all about business, which is why we offer our services only in the industries where we have subject matter expertise.

Who we are is what we don't do

We don't hire Computer Programmers, we only hire Software Engineers Since we engineer and don`t program, we are agnostic to technology as such, with choices being driven by customers' preferences and the task at hand. We have projects on all major technology stacks: Java, .Net, Scala, Erlang, Ruby, PHP combined with anything from Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and mySQL to Couchbae, CouchDB, MongoDB and Neo4J

Who we are is what we don't do

We don't hire Testers, we only hire QA Automation Engineers and QA Business Analysts We build and operate software manufacturing factories, thus emphasis on continuous repeatable fully automated development and release processes. We don't put technology ahead of business objectives and only do work in the industries we have a subject matter expertise in.