Welcome to DistCoTech where people, computers and networks are dancing to the same tune since 2004!

Who we are

We are Distributed Computing Technologies. We are your partner, with years of experience in getting you the most productive software product development staff in our development centers in Prague and elsewhere. We don't do technology for the sake of technology: we understand it is all about business, which is why we offer our services only in the industries where we have subject matter expertise.


Staff Augmentation

We help you throttle your CapEx and OpEx to let you quickly adjust to whatever challenges your industry and your customers present you with. Be it long-term development of your core platforms or time and scope bounded projects to address identified functionality gaps, you can always lean on us. As challenges present themselves - e.g. new industry standards emerge or new compliance requirements transpire in addition to your product development roadmap - we are there to help you take care of it all and ultimately keep you competitive and successful.


Product Development

We have been extremely successful in helping pre-IPO pre-revenue startups in productizing and commercializing their innovative ideas. We have experience in a variety of industries here, ranging from Financial and Payment Processing Services to Video Content Delivery.


Cloud-based Telecommunications

We have expertise and experience to cover all your telecom needs for you: we build and manage the entire spectrum of VoIP solutions, from baseline Phone Systems all the way up to sophisticated Call Centers, implementing every little feature you feel is important – be it Mobile Twinning or Hot Desking, we know you have to have it and we understand why you need it.


Network Engineering

We build and manage your networks for you: an office, a park, a campus, a stadium - whatever the size and complexity, be it traditional hardware-based networking or Software Defined Networks (SDN), hardware or virtual routers.



We started by building and managing a really sophisticated state of the art software manufacturing factory for our own product development organization - and then we did it many times for many others.


Be it real time market data distribution, hence integrating data feeds from global exchanges - or mobile e-commerce, hence mandatory PCI compliance - or global video content delivery, hence the need to integrate with CDNs - or just about anything in between: we have the experience to build and operate your high volume low latency infrastructure for you!

Current & Recent Projects