We put special emphasis on understanding the businesses of our clients: we do not create technology simply for technology’s sake.

We don't employ Computer Programmers: they are all Software Engineers.

Being an all-around technologist is a mandatory pre-requisite at our company, hence we understand the fundamentals of the challenges we are facing and always pick the right tool for the job. If you have a preference for a particular technology stack as a matter of corporate IT policy - be it Java, .Net or anything else for that matter - we know how to do it this way. If you need to stream video, we know how to deal seamlessly with the limitations of HTML5 as far as cross-browser compatibility on the desktop is concerned - and those of Flash on mobile devices. Need to model and visualize non-relational content? Here comes our noSQL expertise: be it document management or graph modeling - we've done it before and have happy customers to show for it. Real-time computationally intensive stuff? You may want to consider Scala: it has worked well for us for these things on a number of occasions. Need to deploy it all in a cloud? Private, public or heterogeneous? Let us know ...

We don't employ Testers: they are either QA Automation Engineers or Business Analysts.

We know very well how important it is to understand the "why". If and when we engage with a customer, we invest first and foremost in an understanding of their business and the industry they are in. Be it E-Commerce, commodities trading, financial services, real time market data, risk management, digital rights management or social networking - we know a lot, if not everything, about these things. And we're always looking forward to learning something new!

But we would not be as successful as we are without emphasising the high quality of the end product we deliver to our customers. This is why we have firmly established, sophisticated, continuous, integration processes as the basis for our software factory's operations, with a very rigid software delivery life cycle and all forms of testing fully automated, be it performance or regression.